Sports Information Department


Football 2019

Sports Journalism (Course# G01H15) – The nationally-ranked and award-winning Wilson Central Sports Information Department has a variety of different paths that a student can explore. This includes: website management, sports journalism, photography, photo and video editing, social media upkeep, and more. Sports broadcasting, another path included in sports information, requires announcers, camera operators, video switchers, audio mixers, along with several other aspects that a member can partake in. This course is considered an elective course under the humanities umbrella. Upperclassmen SID members are strongly encouraged to take this course. For more information, please see “Wilson Central Sports Network” on Youtube.

Applications are available upon request.

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Minimum Credit: 1 Prerequisite: By application only Maximum Credit: 4

For more information contact Sports Information Director- Jay Holladay–