Boys Varsity Bowling, Girls Varsity Bowling · Winter-Bowling- Wilson Central triumphs Station Camp and Hendersonville

By: Joe Lazenby

On November 9, the Wilson Central Wildcats bowled against both Station Camp and Hendersonville, at Hendersonville. Both matches were won by the Wildcats, their scores 7:2 boys, and 5:3 girls.

The Wilson Central Male Wildcats faced Station Camp and won 20.5 to 6.5. They had two teams. Team “A” was backed by Joe Lazenby with 408 points, Ethan Smith with 420, And Luke Rounsaville with 512. They also had team “B”, rounded out by Joplin Miller with 403 points, Gabe Pate with 411, and Luke Kinzer with 576.

The Lady Wildcats faced Hendersonville and won 26 to 1. Team “A” was led by Kayleigh Vaught with 407 pins toppled, Anna Grace Vaught with 367, and Abigail Gronda with 347. They also had team “B”, topped by Shayleen Ignacio with 364 points, Lily Reece with 349, and Kyndal Pitzer with 304.