SID department · Sports Information Department–A Big Public Thank You From Wildcat Nation To Member Seniors

Article by: Jay Holladay

Prior to this past Friday night’s game when the Wildcat Football Team qualified to play in the TSSAA 6A Football playoffs with 35-0 win over The Bison of Station Camp, there were several groups that were recognized for their accomplishments to their fall sport team and organizations.  Included in these groups were Senior members of the Football team, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Band, Dance Team, Cheerleaders and Boys/Girls Golf. (These ceremonies can be seen separately on highlights at the NFHSnetwork HERE   With these Seniors, who were so important to the success of these teams, there is one group that I have to brag on a little.
Before I go on, I want to make it clear that if these other sport teams and groups were not playing then our group could not exist as well so we are in it for everyone. This group of Seniors (8) are joined by 29 other underclassmen to do what sometimes goes unnoticed and are not even known publicly that they do exist.
These Seniors have dedicated their time to help promote these other groups through website articles, pictures and when possible the broadcasting of these events.  With 39 sports and other groups to cover sometimes it becomes difficult to give equal time to each. These students of Wilson Central love their sports and love the fact they are a major contributor to the success of these teams with their expertise.  They have fun going to the games whether they are home or away.  To bring the parents, grandparents, and other family members as well as alumni of Wilson Central that live away the ability to watch their favorite Wildcat or Wildcat team,  gives them the drive they need to continue these activities.
The website  proves to these students and others that what they do is important.  The posting of schedules, articles and pictures of events have driven the website hits to over 600,000.  A number that shows that the Wilson Central Faithful, only 20 yrs young as a school, and others are using it.all sport image
So you ask, why are you writing this….I want to promote these Seniors just like all our coaches do.  The one difference, we run this website… yes we do have a small advantage.  (hahaha). Congratulations to all the Seniors of Fall Sports 2020.
These seniors I am writing about are Diana Denemark, Cate Franklin,  Josh Howell, AJ Hughes, Abby Oglesby, Kyle Pulley, Lane Stanley and Tristian Williams.  I also want to thank the parents of these students for allowing them to participate in a group that is so important to others and especially Wilson Central High School.
Wilson Central powercatThank you Seniors for having a major part of creating one of the if not the best Sports Information Departments in the Country.  A special thanks to NFHSnetwork and VNNsports for allowing us to create on their platforms.
Lastly,  I always have to recruit, but if your an underclassmen and might be interested in being a part of this let me know come by room w218 at Wilson Central or email me at Although we have some underclassmen ready and willing to help out….we always need more help because we have some big shoes to fill in a few months.
Diana Denemark
Cate Franklin
Josh Howell
A J Hughes
Abigale Oglesby
Kyle Pulley
Lane Stanley
Triatian Williams

Thanks to all for reading this small article and if you see these students give them a high “elbow” and thank them for what they do for you.