Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · Winter—Competition Cheer Squad compete in UCA High School Nationals

Wilson Central’s competitive cheer team competed in the hardest, world known competition of the season!  At UCA High School Nationals in Orlando, Florida, the team made it into semi-finals in both divisions.  They competed their Game Day Routine in which they hit an amazing routine with zero deductions placing 13th out of 41 teams.  Also competing their Routine Performance placing 25th out of 72 teams!  As this is an amazing achievement for the Wildcats, they were asked to give their opinion on their placings, Nationals, and how cheer has impacted them.

Presley Blunkall, sophomore on the team, states “I think we did good for the season we had.  Starting off with 23 girls and ending with 17.  I think this is one of the toughest divisions we’ve ever been in.”  CiCi Rodriguez says, “being a senior made everything bittersweet knowing everything was my last!”  Anna Pope, a junior on the team,  said, “cheer has showed me that there is a way to have two families.  Also, if you do not give your all, you are never going anywhere.  Cheer has taught me how to stand up for myself and others.”  Hayley Suttles believes, “cheer has helped me in life in many ways.  The biggest way it has impacted me is it helps me get out of my comfort zone.  When I get on the mat to compete, I forget all of the struggles and challenges I am going through and just give it my all.  It helps me by making me think no matter what I did my best and I should always be proud!”  Cordia Holbert, a senior, says “the word “nationals” gets my adrenaline pumping; it makes me think of putting in my all, sharing just a bit of my world and passion with all the people watching in the crowd.  Nationals is a place where you get to put everything that you have worked towards, that you have put  all your effort into all season on the mat and showcase it for the world.  It is one of the best feelings in the world to take the mat at Nationals!”  Even Principal Mayfield gives a quote on how the placings impact the school and where this program will go next.  He states, “I think the more things we can offer for our students, the better the school is as a whole, including competitive cheer.  This year’s placement is a big improvement and I am sure the program will continue to grow and improve.  This is a great group of girls and congratulations!”