Boys Varsity Bowling, Girls Varsity Bowling · Winter–Bowling–Wildcats open 2018-19 regular season with 3 matches

     The Wilson Central Bowling team has opened the 2018 bowling season by competing against three different schools on the 1st, the 4th, and the 22nd of October! Their first game of the 2018-19 season was against Hendersonville High School. Mason Adcock made 475 pins fall, Ally Cohen knocked down 457 pins, Ashton Holmes knocked down 396 pins, Haydee Velasco-Morales made 400 pins fall, Brianna Everett tipped 329 pins, and Luke Rounsaville knocked down 126 pins in the first game before being substituted for Ethan Smith for the next two who dropped 292 pins. The team’s total pinfall for that match was 2,475, whereas Hendersonville accumulated 2,900 points, taking the game in doing so.

 Wilson Central had an away game against Station Camp High School October 4.  Mason Adcock made 324 pins fall, Brianna Everett had a pinfall of 281, Haydee downed 404 pins, Anthony Smith tipped 97 pins before being switched out for Ethan Smith who made a pinfall of 239, Ally Cohen knocked down 232 pins before being switched out for Anthony in the last game who made 93 points, and Alan made 382 pins topple. Overall, the team had a pinfall of  2,052 while Station Camp had knocked down 2,071 pins.

     Finally, on October 22nd, the Wildcats played against Mount Juliet High School.  Ashton Holmes knocked down 114 pins before being swapped out for Ethan Smith who made 286 points, Mason Adcock knocked down 114 pins before being substituted for Alan Messenger who made 190 points, Haydee Velasco-Morales made 89 points before being substituted for Amanda Austin who made 72 points and was swapped out for Mason Adcock who made another 149 points for a combined 263,  Luke Rounsaville knocked down 445 pins, Breanna Everett tipped over 306 pins, and Anthony Smith dropped 404 pins. This makes for a combined 2169 pins for the match, whereas 2,454 pins had been knocked over by Mount Juliet.

     Good luck!!!!!