Wildcats News · Wrestling–Wildcats to challenge for Individual State Titles

The Wildcat Wrestlers are opening the 2018 TSSAA Individual State Tournament in Franklin today and tomorrow Feb 16-17.  Junior Micheal Kramer is the over whelming favorite to win his first individual TSSAA state championship along with Sinjin Nogi, Hunter Borders. Kolin Miller and Alex Pergande.  State WrestlingOther wrestlers joining these are Parker Bennet,  Levi Stone, TH Oakley, Cole Fort, Grant Fetters and Cullen Belcher all of which will be competing for their own state championships.  You can all the matches over the NFHSnetwork.com produced by the TSSAA,


Below is the list of Wildcats who have qualified……11 of the 12 wrestlers are competing at the State Championships this weekend Feb 16-17.


Hunter Borders – 1st

Alex Pergande – 1st

Parker Bennet – 1st

Sinjin Noga – 1st

Kolin Miller – 1st

Michael Kramer – 1st

Levii Stone – 2nd

TH Oakley- 3rd

Cole Fort – 3rd

Grant Fetters – 4th

Cullen Belcher -4th