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Wildcats News · Dance Team Announces Tryouts/Auditions for 2017-18 school year.

Auditions for the 2017-18 Wildcat Dance Team at Wilson Central have been scheduled for April. Below you will find the information you will need to consider to qualify for membership on the dance team. Good luck!!!


2017-2018 WCHS Wildcat Dancer Audition Packet

Dear Potential Wildcat Dancer,

Thank you for your interest in the WCHS Dance Team. Please take your
time and read over the information packet and share this with your parents as
well. This upcoming season is going to be amazing, but we want you to be
prepared as to what you should expect as a dancer and for parents. In the event
you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at weeksc@wcschools.com.

Thank you,
Courtney Weeks (Sponsor)
Nicki Belsante (Sponsor)
Katie Stricklin (Coach)

What to expect if you are chosen as a Wildcat Dancer
Time Commitment:
 Practices are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 3:30-6:00.
 Additional practices will be scheduled as needed before events such as summer camp, Wilson County fair and competitions.

The season is generally 11 months (April to February)- some events are subject t o change.
o April- Tryouts
o May- practice
o June- practice
o July- practice & UDA Camp
o August- practice, Spirit Jam- Wilson County Fair, football season
o September-practice, football season
o October-practice , football season
o November- basketball season, TSSAA state competition
o December-basketball season, competition or convention, Junior Wildcat Clinic
o January- basketball season, competition
o February-basketball season, nationals

Fundraisers will periodically take place during these months as well.
Performance Opportunities:
 Summer Camp- Home routine competition
 Wilson County Fair- Spirit Jam
 Pep Rallies
 Sidelines at Football games

 Basketball Games- half time of both boys and girls games (5-8 games per season)
 Competitions (3-5 a season)

Financial Commitment:

Approximately $1,900 for entire season- All prices are an estimate and should
be considered adjustable. Most of the clothing fees are due within the 1st 5 weeks of the season.
 Summer UDA Camp registration fee- $385
 Team Uniforms/Clothing/Accessories- Items worn during all season performances

*Prices will vary for returning members*
o Uniforms- $300
o Camp Clothing/Performance Costumes- 4 tops, 4 bottoms- $275
o Required Accessories- Jazz Shoes, Team Shoes, Earrings, etc.- $150
 Competition Fees
o Hip Hop Costume- $150
o Jazz Costume- $150
o Registration fees- $300
o Rhinestone Fee- $50

 Music Edits- Music mixes that are used for all routines through season- $40
 Coaches fee- $25 per month (this number is based on team size)

General Policies:
 Every team member must have a physical completed before tryouts.
 The following paperwork must be turned on the 1st day of tryouts:
o Physical (you cannot participate without it)
 Physicals must be completed by April 15th or later to be valid for the entire season.
o Dance Team Application (attached)
o Parent Acknowledgement of Expense form (on back of application-attached)

See Frequently Asked Questions page for other policy information.
 If you are travelling from the middle school, we understand that you will be late to the
beginning part of tryouts with your school dismissing at the same time as us. Please arrive at the school by 4:00 dressed and ready to jump in.

 Grades: All dancers must maintain a C average in order to perform.
 Demerits: 10 demerits are allowed per dancer before being dismissed from team.
 Attendance: All dancers must remain in good standing with attendance and behavior in all academic classes and practices.

Attitude: Dancers are expected to have a positive attitude towards the team and towards our school. They are expected to be respectful to coaches, sponsors, teachers, and fellow team members.

Basic Audition Information

Tuesday, April 18th:

3:45-6:00pm in WCHS Small Gym (enter through small cafeteria in the back of school)
 Check In- physical, application, and parent acknowledgement of expense due
 Warm Up/Stretch
 Learn Technique
 Learn Fight Song
 Learn 1st half of Audition Routine

Wednesday, April 19th:

3:45-6:00pm in WCHS Small Gym (enter through small cafeteria in the back of school)

Check In
 Warm Up/Stretch
 Review Technique
 Review Fight Song
 Learn 2nd half of Audition Routine

Thursday, April 20th:

3:45-until finished in the  WCHS Small Gym (enter through small cafeteria in the back of school)
 Check In- get numbers and assemble audition groups
 Warm up/Stretch

 Announce 2017-2018 Team
 Parent Meeting Immediately Following
o Behavior Contract
o Payment Schedule
o Calendar
o Team paperwork

Required Team Technique:   (5 possible point for each)

Double/Triple or Quad
A le Seconde Turns (at least 2)
Leap in 2nd
Tilt Leap or Jump
Leg Extension (Front, Side, or Scorpion)
Leap of Choice
Turn of Choice
Head Spring

Extra Competition Technique**: (5 possible points for one technique)
Switch Open
Switch Sissone
Leg Spin (Front or Side)
A la Seconde/Grand Pirouette Combo
Leap, Jump, or Turn of Choice
** This is extra technique we will use for thecompetition routine if you can do it. It is NOT
required but please practice so we can become better as a whole team.

For assistance with any of the technique listed above, search Just For Kix Instructional videos on You-tube for demonstrations of most everything.

How tryouts will be judged:

Routine: A routine that will be taught during clinic incorporating both jazz and hip hop elements (30 possible points)
Fight Song: The school fight song pom routine (30 possible points)
Technique: Execution of technique listed on the previous page (40 possible points)


Why is a legal guardian required to come and sign for me to audition?

Auditioning for a spot on the dance team is a big time financial commitment. We want to make sure that your parents are aware of what is involved BEFORE you audition. This prevents dancers from auditioning without parental consent.

How many girls will be chosen?
There is no set number of girls. The largest point break in scores will determine the team. There were 25 dancers last year.

When and how will the team be announced?
The 2017-2018 Wildcat Dancers will be posted shortly after the audition. There is a parent meeting immediately following.

What do I wear to auditions?
Fitted black top and fitted black dance shorts, capri or pants (Tights are required with shorts). Dance shoes are recommended, but not required. You are only required to wear this on Wednesday for the actual audition.

Can people watch the clinic or audition?
No, both the clinic and auditions are closed to the public.

Can I audition if I miss a clinic day?
Yes, but you are responsible to learn whatever material was covered.

Do I audition by myself?
No, you will audition in pre-selected groups of 3.

Do I have to have dance experience?
No, the clinic will provide you with a chance to learn the basic skills needed to be on the team.

What areas will I be judged?
Showmanship, Memory, Execution, and Potential.


WCHS Wildcat Dancer Audition Application——Must be turned in on 1st day of tryouts:

current physical, application, parent acknowledgement form

Dancer’s Name: ______________________________

Grade as of August 2017: 9 10 11 12

Why do you want to be a Wildcat Dancer?:
Please list any previous dance experience:
Please list any injuries or medical conditions:
Please list any other school clubs, job, hobbies, activities you are involved in:

Parent Name: Contact Number:
I, (parent/legal guardian) ______________________________ hereby acknowledge and

grant permission for (dancer) _______________________________ to audition for the

Wilson Central High School Dance Team. I understand that my dancer is participating in a

physical activity and that WCHS is not liable for any injury sustained during this event. I

am also aware of the financial responsibilities associated with this team.

Signed: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________



Wilson Central High School Parent Acknowledgement Form

Date: ____________________
I, ____________________________________, hereby allow my daughter/son,

___________________________________, to try out for the Wilson Central High
School Dance Team on April 18-20. I understand that there are costs associated
with being a member of the Wilson Central Dance Team that could range close to
$2,000. A significant portion of this money is due within the first 5 weeks of being
on the team. I also understand that fundraisers will be held and my dancer and I
as a parent/guardian, must participate if he/she becomes a member of the team.

Parent or Guardian Signature __________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Email (Required):____________________________________

Parent or Guardian Phone (Required): ___________________________________



Thank you,
Courtney Weeks
Nicki Belsante
Katie Stricklin