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Wildcats News · Nominations now being sought for newly formed Wilson Central High School Athletic Sports Hall of Fame

Wildcat Nation—-your attention please……Wilson Central High School Athletics has now been in existence since 2001.  In recent times,  the desire has continued to begin an ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME.  This idea has been discussed intently for the last 2-3 years and today March 7, 2017,  Mr. Chip Bevis, Athletic Director of WCHS announces that the process will now begin to take nominations for induction into the Wilson Central Athletic Sports Hall of Fame.  


Below you will find the parameters that have been decided upon by current and past coaches of Wilson Central High School.  Located  below is the nomination procedures.  You will also find a link to the nomination form.  Please print and fill out this form and send to Mr. Chip Bevis; Athletic Director WCHS  419 Wildcat Way, Lebanon, Tennessee 37090

Link to nomination form:




Nominations are now being accepted for the induction into the Wilson Central High School Athletics Hall of Fame. Five athletes will be inducted into the inaugural class.

Submissions are due by March 31, 2017

Eligibility for Membership in the Hall of Fame

Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame is open to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Wilson Central High athletic program, either through their participation in athletics or their association with Wilson Central athletics as a coach or meritorious service.

Athletic Eligibility

To be eligible as an athlete, the candidate must have attended Wilson Central High School for at least three (3) years; furthermore, candidates are not eligible until five (5) years after their graduation date.


To be considered, coaches must have pursued their profession at Wilson Central High School for a minimum of eight (8) years.

Merit Membership

Induction into the Hall of Fame by merit will be for those individuals who, through the years have made significant contributions to Wilson Central Athletics. Criteria for election of merit members shall be determined by the Committee.


Anyone can nominate. Nominations must be made on the Wilson Central Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form only. The form will be made available by the Committee. There is no limit to the number of candidates who can be nominated. There is no limit on the number of years a candidate can be nominated. A definite ending date for accepting nominations will be advertised on Wilson Central’s website and through local media. Nominations received after the ending date will be declared invalid.

Screening of Nominees

The name of each candidate nominated for membership in the Hall of Fame will be submitted to the committee. The Committee will screen the nominees. Procedures for screening will be determined by the Committee.

Election of Members

The inaugural class of 2017 will be limited to 5 members. After the inaugural year (2017), two members will be inducted every other year. Selected members will be required to attend an induction ceremony. Failure to attend the induction ceremony will forfeit the candidate’s selection into the Hall of Fame.